Nominations for Society candidates should be directed to our membership
chair: Erin Niemasik, M.D.-
Established 1929
The San Francisco Gynecological Society is the oldest and largest
professional OB/GYN society in northern California.  Its members comprise
over 300 Board-Certified Obstetricians and Gynecologists.    The Society
holds seven educational meetings a year providing continuing education on
various topics of interest.
The objective of the Society is the promotion of
knowledge relating to Obstetrics and Gynecology
The Society is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit corporation
Officers and Council Members- 2020-2021
Heidi Wittenberg M.D                                    
Emily Hu, M.D.
Wendy Zeng, M.D.                                                                                 
Laura Norrell, M.D.            
Erin Niemasik, M.D.
Adam Bonnington, M.D.
Ijeoma Okwandu, M.D.
Elliot Shubin, M.D.
Michael Caplan, M.D.
Yasser El Sayed, M.D.
Gavin Jacobson, M.D.
Mary Norton, M.D.
Meg Autry, M.D.
Fung Lam, M.D.               

Hello to you all.  I hope that you are doing well and staying safe
in these times. I wanted to update you on the state of SFGS.
Given the current pandemic, the 2020- 2021 season will move to
an abbreviated virtual format.

We have cancelled all in person dinner meetings at the Mark
Hopkins for this season with hope that we will be able to re-
convene in the future.   This will be dependent on the situation at
the time.   We will not be collecting any membership fees for this

In lieu of the Mark Hopkins dinner meeting we will be offering
virtual (online)  meetings/ talks.   We are thrilled to have booked
two amazing speakers and will also plan for our traditional
resident research symposium May 2021.

Our online events:
Dr. Santoshi Pradipati:   
Climate Change and effects on Global Women’s Health :  
{OCT 13, 2020  Tuesday 7 pm }

Udodiri Okwandu :  
The history of Scientific and Medical Racism
in Obstetrics and Gynecology  
(Jan 12, 2021 Tuesday
6 pm )

Udodiri Okwandu will speak at the SF Gynecological Society's
Virtual Meeting on Tuesday, January 12.

Udodiri will present the following lecture:

"Racism and Reproductive Medicine: Reconciling the Past and

Start time is 6 PM PST.  (Note: This is 1 hr. earlier than our
usual start time.)


SF Gyn Society

Meeting ID: 953 7923 8808

Password: 817544

Phone or Conference room password: 817544

No need to RSVP in advance.  Feel free to invite others to join!

Udodiri Okwandu is a PhD candidate at Harvard.  Her field of
study is the History of Science, with a secondary field in
African and African American Studies.  She is a graduate of
Harvard College.  Her research interests include: The History
of Medicine and Science, Critical Race Theory, US History,
The History of Reproductive Health, Theories in Gender and
Sexuality, and Social Movements.   

She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including:
Finalist for The Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship,
Presidential Scholar at Harvard GSAS, and the Thomas T.
Hoopes Prize from the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences.  

Looking forward to seeing you on the 12th!    

TBD:   Resident Research Day Presentations:  ( May 2021)

Please look for future emails from us (invites for talks) and also
the usual Evites!  Please know that you may invite other friends
and colleagues to join these online events as well (for free).
We hope to be back to our normal SFGS meetings at Mark
Hopkins in the future.    We miss seeing you all and hope that you
are well.    Please reach out with any thoughts and ideas about
SFGS going forward.  We (the Council)  care deeply about the
concerns of our membership.  
If you would like to make a contribution to the SFGS this
season, please reach out to me via email- cmilyhu2000@yahoo.
Thanks,  please stay in touch and stay safe –
Please look for upcoming emails and invitations –
These speakers are awesome!  

Take Care,

Dr. Emily Hu
Secretary for SFGS -

List of Speakers for San Francisco Gynecological Society
2019-2020 Season

10/1/2019 Dr. Eric Sokol, Stanford:  Pelvic Mesh Mess

11/12/2019 Dr. Leah Millheiser, Stanford: Sexual dysfunction

1/07/2020 Dr. John Chan, Sutter Health:   Gyn Oncology:  
immunotherapy and updates

2/11/2020 Dr. Kent Bottles:  Disruptive Changes in Medicine /
Emerging technologies affecting the future of healthcare

The following three programs; 3/10/20, 4/21/20 and 5/12/20 as
well as the 5/12/20 Resident Research Presentations were
cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

3/10/2020 Dr. Robin Lamar, UCSF :  Outpatient Induction

4/21/2020 Dr. Lisa Harris, University of Michigan: Family
Planning / Ethics / Law

5/12/2020 Dr.  Lorraine Dugoff, University of Pennsylvania:  
MFM / Genetics

Previous Programs;

List of Speakers for San Francisco Gynecological Society
2018-2019 Season

10/9/18   Dr. Mary Norton, UCSF:
Expanded Carrier Screening

11/13/18 Dr. Dana Gossette, UCSF: LEAN: Work Smarter, Not

1/15/19   Dr. Michael Katz, Sutter/California Pacific: Cervical
Length & Cerclage: "The Truth & Some of the Whole Truth”

2/12/19   Holly Gibbs, Dignity Health: Human Sex Trafficking

3/12/19   Dr. George Sawaya, UCSF: New Cervical Cancer
Screening Guidelines

4/16/19   Dr. Nawal Nour, Brigham and Womens: Female Genital

5/14/19   Dr. Erica Marsh, U of Michigan: Comprehensive
Treatment of Fibroids

San Francisco Gynecological Society

10/10/17-     Stephanie Toti, JD,   Senior Counsel & Project Director,
The Lawyering Project, Lead Counsel- Whole Woman's Health v.
 Reproductive Rights: Emerging Issues in the Law.

11/14/17-     Soraya Azari, MD,  Assistant Professor, ZSFG/UCSF Dept
of Medicine:
The Opioid Epidemic.

01/16/18-     Heidi Wittenberg, MD, Director Urogynecology Center of
San Francisco:
Transcendent: Below the Belt. Transgender Surgery.

02/13/18    Kimberly Lee, MD, Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara Medical
Center and Sara Mandel, MD, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco :
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

03/13/18-    Michael Policar, MD MPH, Professor, ZSFG/UCSF Dept of
Women's Health Policy in 2017-18:  What's Changed,
What Hasn't.

04/17/18-    Bill Grobman, MD MBA, Professor, Northwestern
University School of Medicine,  MFM & Preventitive Medicine:
ARRIVE- Elective Induction.

05/08/18-   Neel Shah, MD MPP, Assistant Professor, Beth Israel
Deaconness Hospital, Harvard Medical School:
Value Based Care.
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