Nominations for Society candidates should be directed to our membership
chair: Emily Hu, M.D.-
Established 1929
The San Francisco Gynecological Society is the oldest and largest
professional OB/GYN society in northern California.  Its members comprise
over 300 Board-Certified Obstetricians and Gynecologists.    The Society
holds seven educational meetings a year providing continuing education on
various topics of interest.
The objective of the Society is the promotion of
knowledge relating to Obstetrics and Gynecology
The Society is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit corporation
Officers and Council Members- 2018-2019
Jason Dimsdale, M.D.
Elliot Shubin, M.D                                    
Heidi Wittenberg M.D.                                                                                 
Yair Blumenfeld, M.D.             
Emily Hu, M.D.
Eleanor Drey, M.D., Ed.M
Michael Katz, M.D.
Michael Caplan, M.D.
Yasser El Sayed, M.D.
Gavin Jacobson, M.D.
Mary Norton, M.D.
Meg Autry, M.D.
Fung Lam, M.D.               
List of Speakers for San Francisco Gynecological Society
2018-2019 Season

10/9/18   Dr. Mary Norton, UCSF: Expanded Carrier Screening

11/13/18 Dr. Dana Gossette, UCSF: LEAN: Work Smarter, Not

1/15/19   Dr. Michael Katz, Sutter/California Pacific: Cervical
Length & Cerclage: "The Truth & Some of the Whole Truth”

2/12/19   Holly Gibbs, Dignity Health: Human Sex Trafficking

3/12/19   Dr. George Sawaya, UCSF: New Cervical Cancer
Screening Guidelines

4/16/19   Dr. Nawal Nour, Brigham and Womens: Female Genital

5/14/19   Dr. Erica Marsh, U of Michigan: Comprehensive
Treatment of Fibroids

San Francisco Gynecological Society

10/10/17-     Stephanie Toti, JD,   Senior Counsel & Project Director,
The Lawyering Project, Lead Counsel- Whole Woman's Health v.
 Reproductive Rights: Emerging Issues in the Law.

11/14/17-     Soraya Azari, MD,  Assistant Professor, ZSFG/UCSF Dept
of Medicine:
The Opioid Epidemic.

01/16/18-     Heidi Wittenberg, MD, Director Urogynecology Center of
San Francisco:
Transcendent: Below the Belt. Transgender Surgery.

02/13/18    Kimberly Lee, MD, Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara Medical
Center and Sara Mandel, MD, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco :
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

03/13/18-    Michael Policar, MD MPH, Professor, ZSFG/UCSF Dept of
Women's Health Policy in 2017-18:  What's Changed,
What Hasn't.

04/17/18-    Bill Grobman, MD MBA, Professor, Northwestern
University School of Medicine,  MFM & Preventitive Medicine:
ARRIVE- Elective Induction.

05/08/18-   Neel Shah, MD MPP, Assistant Professor, Beth Israel
Deaconness Hospital, Harvard Medical School:
Value Based Care.
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